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100% Organic Non Transgenic Cotton fiber which was created for vape enthusiasts by vape enthusiasts.
The cotton fibers "wick" incredibly well without the need of a "break-in" period.  The organic cotton fibers were formulated to withstand continuous high temperature vaping and will NOT collapse under any circumstance. Don't just take our word for it, grab a puck and try it for yourself.
Contains -
NO Pesticides
NO Herbicides
NO Fertilizers
NO Insecticides
NO Hydrogen Peroxide
Non-Transgenic seeds (NOT Genetically modified)
Comes in a unique, Eco-friendly and re-usable container contains .07 oz. of organic cotton.
Harvested using sustainable methods, and refined using a simple distillation technique which safely removes the natural oils and unwanted debris.  We believe that it is our responsibility to provide our fellow vapers with a product that is cleaner, healthier, and of the finest quality. Each bail of cotton is meticulously tested and receives a Certificate of Compliance and Analysis (testing for chemicals). This process is performed on fiber samples within every lot to guarantee the product is in accordance with USP General Chapter 670. The Cotton Candy Collection is devoted to transparency and sharing their knowledge in order to raise the product standards within the vaping community.