League of Scoundrels CONSVR Mechanical Mod

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Product introduction
League of scoundrels consvr Mechanical Mod is constructed from Brass material. The mod utilizes an adjustable top insulated floating pin whilst the bottom contact is insulated and adjustable to accommodate any 18650 variations. The CONSVR (Connoisseur) has been designed to be completely safe to use with any tank or RDA.

Brass or Copper
Hourglass groove
Skull button etching
O-ring battery cushion
Round copper firing pin
Rare earth magnet button
Consvr etching at the top
Adjustable peak insulators
Unique floating ball contact pin
Comes in plastic pop-top casing
Soft touch Consvr cloth included
25mm diameter at the top and bottom
Powered by 1 x 18650 battery (not included)

Package includes:
1x League of scoundrels consvr Mechanical Mod (No cell)
1x User manual