Loaded - Glazed Donut Salts 30ml

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Everyone loves a glazed donut! The inhale and the exhale do an excellent job of breaking down the flavors in this salt. The inhale is all about the glaze.

Picture the ultimate sugar rush, and arguably the most popular flavor that a glazed donut has to offer. Your taste buds will be immediately met with a literal glaze of sugar!

The exhale is all about that doughnut flavor that you know and love. This exhale is most comparable to the first bite of a doughnut that has just been pulled out of the over. Picture a doughy deliciousness that you will absolutely love.

Let’s discuss the mouth to lung experience briefly. That is the main concern when it comes to salts as opposed to e juices right? We are here to let you know that this is one of the smoothest MTL experiences that money can buy. You will not have to worry about hacking up a lung whatsoever. This allows you to fully enjoy all the incredible flavors in play here.

Loaded Nicotine Salt is it when it comes to nicotine salt brands! If you have not heard of Loaded, we are sure you will hear of them soon. So you might as well grab you a bottle of this premium nic salt!