O.G Classic - Butter Apple

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Butter Apple E-Juice by Cosmic Fog OG Classic will take you back to the days of smelling and tasting grandma’s fresh baked apple pie, making your mouth water and your senses swoon. Sweet apple slices are slow cooked with butter and sugar until they’re soft and golden to a caramelized perfection, and then blended with cinnamon to create a signature spiced apple taste that you simply can’t resist. As soon as you inhale, taste buttery apples melting in your mouth and caressing your taste buds. Then exhale that same delicious flavor of apple butter with a tiny touch of cinnamon spice to bring it all home. If you thought nothing could be as good as apple butter or even a fresh-baked apple pie, think again. Cosmic Fog OG Classic’s Butter Apple E-Juice is just as good, if not better: you’re sure to love every vape.