O.G Classic - Neon

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Rainbow sherbet might be your favorite thing in the world, but nothing tastes as identical to the classic frozen dessert as Neon E-Juice by Cosmic Fog OG Classic. Flavors of orange, raspberry, lemon, and lime come together in a fusion of chilled fruity and creamy deliciousness every time you vape Neon E-Juice. Take a load off and have a vape of this delightful flavor that tastes just like vibrant and flavorful rainbow sherbet. On the inhale, taste tangy raspberries washing over your taste buds in a wave of sweet serenity. Then exhale to indulge in citrus tangs of orange, lemon, and lime, and you’re off to vaping bliss. If you’re looking for a nostalgic e-juice that truly takes you back to the good old days, your search is over. Vape after vape, Neon E-Juice by Cosmic Fog OG Classic fills the void and will have you reminiscing in seconds.