Puff labs - Psycho Kitty

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Psycho Kitty by Psycho eLiquids is a wallop fresh berry flavor. Psycho has put so many berries into this vape juice that it is difficult to even for an advanced vaper to know what berries they are experiencing. On the inhale, there is enough power to give the taste buds a pop of tartness. Pucker up because the taste doesn’t go away. It keeps coming back and growing stronger. On the exhale the berries continue doing their thing but now there is a taste of pastry that is flaky, sugary and sweet, but the berries still highlight the show. The more you vape this Psycho Kitty the more you’ll be drawn back to the kitty cat


80% Vegetable Glycerine
20% Propylene Glycol (Includes Flavouring)
Chubby Gorilla Bottle with Childproof Cap